Ski lessons for beginners in Zermatt.

“Skis are the ultimate transportation to FREEDOM.”

Beginners need lessons !

Family Skiing Beginners Ski Lessons Zermatt

Half Day Ski Lessons

  • Start times: 8.30, 9.00, 10.00 and 13.00
  • Morning lessons: 3 Hours
  • Afternoon lessons: 2 or 3 Hours
  • Number of guests: Individual
  • Meeting point: Sunnegga bottom
  • Price: From 185,-CHF

Half Day Ski Lessons

The ski lessons for beginners are specially designed for people who never skied before or started a long time ago and they want to start over and learn the basics again.

The newcommers or complete beginners learn the basic skiing moves at the safe and specially built beginners ski area .

After learning the basics, the beginners should be able to ski the easy blue slopes.

Full Day Ski Lessons

You will learn the basic skiing moves and techniques without the big time restrictions and at your own pace.
Your private ski instructor in Zermatt will tailor make your beginners lesson to match your ability, weather and conditions. Together, you will decide when to relax, train again or have snack or lunch.

After a couple of lessons for beginners, you might also benefit from our Private ski lessons for lower intermediate skiers or Family ski lessons.

Turn frustration into safety

Family Skiing Zermatt Beginners Ski Lessons

Full Day Ski Lessons

  • Start times: 8.30 or 9.00
  • Lesson duration: 5 Hours or unlimited
  • Number of guests: Individual
  • Meeting point: Sunnegga bottom
  • Price: From 425,-CHF

What will I learn?

Cheap Beginners Ski Lessons in Zermatt

Beginners learn how to

  • Prepare for the lesson
  • Carry the equipment
  • Basic skiing moves
  • Ski straight
  • Slow down
  • Stop
  • Master basic turns
  • Ski easy blue slopes

Why do beginners need lessons?

Skiing, just like other similar sports, requires certain and precise movements and techniques to master in order to be in control and be able to turn where you want to, slow down and stop when you need it.

You can ski only as fast as you can stop.

It is very important to learn the basic ski techniques right from the get go and eliminate bad habits. The more bad habits you develop, the longer it will take to break them. More importantly, they will limit your progression later on and can lead to injury.

Book the Ski lesson in Zermatt for beginners to learn correctly all the ski techiques that you need to ski easy blue slopes safe and sound. This will save you a lot of time and frustruation. With your private ski instructor you will BE SAFE, GOOD and have FUN.

Still not sure or have questions?

Our Private and Family Lessons

Private Ski Lessons Zermatt PRIVATE LESSONS

The quickest and the most effective way to improve.

Family Ski Lessons Zermatt FAMILY SKI LESSONS

The family that skis together also stays together.